It’s Their Time

Hello October, falling leaves

Chill air brings the thinning of the veil

Spirits, haints, creatures, and elementals roam

No longer quiet for they’ve stories to tell

Bumps in the night, shadows on the wall

Not imagination nor just a dream

You can close your eyes and plug your ears

It’s all in vain for this is their time.

BOO! October’s Almost Here

Hello there, little ghoulies! After hitting one hell of a rough patch last season, we’re feeling both excited and ready to get into the spirit of things. Our aim, as always, is to come here every day during the month of October. We’re going to fill this space with stories, poetry, and other tidbits with the intention of giving all of you the creeps.

Our tales can be spooky, weird, truly scary, and bordering on psychotic (or all the way lol), with a little goofiness mixed in at times for good measure. Hope to see all of you here for the fun!

Come On In

Image from Wallpaper Cave

Join us for tales of monsters and ghouls, creatures of the dark 

Onto a frightening journey we shall embark 

With stories of the weird and macabre, these pages we’ll fill 

We hearken you to join us, if you will 

Read what you find alone, in the darkness of night 

To revisit your deepest feelings of dread and fright 

We’ll introduce you to specters both old and new 

The entities within shall be more than a few 

Some will be curious, a few may be silly 

But most will leave your spine decidedly chilly 

Each day of Samhain month, we’ll be here 

Helping you fill the season with spooky cheer.  

Are you ready?

Are you all ready to read some amazing Halloween stories? We intend to scare, frighten and otherwise impress you with our writing talent. You must join us for the entire month of October. Every day will be filled with suspense. We’ll make you wonder what’s coming next.

So, please sign up to be entertained. We won’t let you down!